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The ROSAT Anonymous FTP Account


The Office for Guest Investigator Programs (OGIP) has a multi-mission anonymous FTP account on the Ultrix machine `legacy' (see address header). At the top level the user sees the directory trees for all OGIP missions and some general directories. The user should move to `rosat' (cd rosat). Directories available at this level are:

problems, nra_info, data, timelines, software, publications, doc,
calib_data, exp_map, .cache, FAQ.rosatFTP, symposium, FTPmap.txt

FTPmap.txt describes the directory structure of the 'rosat' FTP area. ROSAT related calibration information can also be found in the 'caldb' area. ROSAT archival data can also be found under the directory

rosat/data/<hri or pspc>/processed_data/<seq-id group>/<seq-id>,

where <seq-id group> is one of 100000, 200000, ..., 900000. For example, data associated with the data set having sequence id rp300023 is located in the directory


To minimize storage space, the data are stored on the jukebox in UNIX\ compressed format. Users can uncompress the data automatically when ftp'ing. To do this, simply textttget the file by specifying the filename without the texttt.Z extension. An example is shown below:

% ftp legacy.gsfc.nasa.gov   user: anonymous; password: e-mail address 
ftp> cd rosat/data/pspc/processed_data/300000/rp300023
ftp> ls rp300023.fits.Z
ftp> bin
ftp> get rp300023.fits
ftp> quit

This automatic uncompression will work for both VMS and UNIX systems. Users should note that automatic uncompression does not work with the FTP mget command.

If you have problems/suggestions please send mail to rosat_svc@mpe-garching.mpg.de