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ROSAT Data Archive


Example session (extract a dataset):

set host LTXDB             user-id is xray; no password required
    [Note: RDAC services will switch to the Internet address in 
    the near future; the SPAN address LTXDB will be discontinued]
...> browse ROSPUBLIC      start BROWSE with specified database 
...> csam cdrom            select datasets which are on CD-ROM
...> request 
     Do you want to select all [N]: y
       Enter start entry number [d/f=1]: 1
       Enter end entry number [d/f=2468]: 1
       Enter your email address:<e-mail address>
...> exit                  exit browse 
> logout                   exit from XRAY

After the requested data have been copied from the CD-ROM jukebox system to a publicly accessible hard disk, the user will be informed by a message to the e-mail address given in the request. Then the data can be copied via anonymous FTP:

% ftp darc.star.le.ac.uk  user: anonymous; password: e-mail address
ftp> cd rosat/data        change to the data main directory
ftp> ls                   list available data directories
ftp> cd 700339h           go to requested data directory
ftp> binary               set binary tranfer mode
ftp> prompt               avoid prompting
ftp> mget *               get all files in directory
ftp> quit                 exit

You may also request data by sending an e-mail to `ukrdac@star.le.ac.uk', specifying the 6-digit ROR number of the observation with a single character appended (`p' for PSPC, `f' for PSPC with filter, `h' for HRI, `w' for WFC), e.g. 7000111p. The system will respond the same way as with the request from `BROWSE'.

To receive data on tape fill in the request form (available from directory rosat on darc.star.le.ac.uk) and send it to LTVAD::RDAC.

If you have problems/suggestions please send mail to rosat_svc@mpe-garching.mpg.de