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Archived Data


For each (filter-) observation an image (IMA), a merged exposure map (MEX), and an instrument map (INS) can be found on the sub-directories


where <n> = 1, 2,...,9,A, depending on the first digit of the ROR number. All images are 512 tex2html_wrap_inline18225 512 MIDAS images (.bdf), which are converted to FITS and then compressed, using the standard UNIX compress utility. File names are of the form <ROR-nr>.<type><nn>_Z where <type> is either IMA, INS, or MEX and <nn> is the number of the filter observation, e.g., 200141.INS01_Z. Typical sizes of the compressed images are 25-75 kbytes.

For the future, it is intended to also keep the photon event files of all sources detected by the WFC (extraction radius TBD) in the on-line archive.  

For all public data the complete set of files (including photon files, attitude file etc. in EXSAS compatible FITS format) is available on tape. The request should contain the ROR number of the observation, your postal address and the prefered transport medium (EXABYTE (default) or mag-tape).

If you have problems/suggestions please send mail to rosat_svc@mpe-garching.mpg.de