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Strong X-ray Sources


The detectors in the XRT focal plane must be protected from exposure to very strong X-ray sources. At present, the only forbidden source is
Sco X-1 at RA(2000) 16H 19M 54.9S, dec(2000) -15D 38M 27.8S
No ROSAT pointing will be scheduled with this source in the FOV.    

The occurrence of an increasingly bright hot spot (a localized region of partial detector breakdown) required a reduction in the PSPC HV setting on 1991 October 14 (see also Appendix A). Then, on 1993 March 24, a bright source appeared to cause breakdown (corona) in the detector. Since that time, bright (>150 counts s tex2html_wrap_inline16529 ) sources have been avoided for fear of a recurrence of this problem.

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