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93jan12 Matrix

This matrix was the result of a recalibration based strongly on the bright source Mkn 421. This source was chosen because of the belief that its spectrum is, to a first approximation, featureless.   While this choice can justifiably be criticised, there are no perfect soft X-ray spectral calibration targets,  and very few that can be considered good. Subsequent to the analysis done to produce this matrix, it was found that there might be an additional source of error in using the Mkn 421 data.  There is a suggestion that the data were possibly affected by the rate-gain effect (see Sect. 3.2.2), even though the count rate was only tex2html_wrap_inline16929 countss tex2html_wrap_inline16931 and the source is relatively soft. The production of this matrix was made as a temporary solution until the engineering model PSPC could undergo additional ground calibration tests in the PANTER facility. This matrix is thought to be the best available for data taken after 1991 October 11.  

This corresponds to the following matrices:


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