10.11.7 Example Row Filters

    [ binary && mag <= 5.0]        - Extract all binary stars brighter
                                     than  fifth magnitude (note that
                                     the initial space is necessary to
                                     prevent it from being treated as a
                                     binning specification)

    [#row >= 125 && #row <= 175]   - Extract row numbers 125 through 175

    [IMAGE[4,5] .gt. 100]          - Extract all rows that have the
                                     (4,5) component of the IMAGE column
                                     greater than 100

    [abs(sin(theta * #deg)) < 0.5] - Extract all rows having the
                                     absolute value of the sine of theta
                                     less  than a half where the angles
                                     are tabulated in degrees

    [SUM( SPEC > 3*BACKGRND )>=1]  - Extract all rows containing a
                                     spectrum, held in vector column
                                     SPEC, with at least one value 3
                                     times greater than the background
                                     level held in a keyword, BACKGRND

    [VCOL=={1,4,2}]                - Extract all rows whose vector column
                                     VCOL contains the 3-elements 1, 4, and

    [@rowFilter.txt]               - Extract rows using the expression
                                     contained within the text file

    [gtifilter()]                  - Search the current file for a GTI
				     extension,  filter  the TIME
				     column in the current table, using
				     START/STOP times taken from
				     columns in the GTI  extension

    [regfilter("pow.reg")]         - Extract rows which have a coordinate
                                     (as given in the X and Y columns)
                                     within the spatial region specified
                                     in the pow.reg region file.

    [regfilter("pow.reg", Xs, Ys)] - Same as above, except that the
                                     Xs and Ys columns will be used to
                                     determine the coordinate of each
                                     row in the table.