5.4 Header Keyword Read/Write Routines

These routines read or write keywords in the Current Header Unit (CHU). Wild card characters (*, ?, or #) may be used when specifying the name of the keyword to be read: a '?' will match any single character at that position in the keyword name and a '*' will match any length (including zero) string of characters. The '#' character will match any consecutive string of decimal digits (0 - 9). When a wild card is used the routine will only search for a match from the current header position to the end of the header and will not resume the search from the top of the header back to the original header position as is done when no wildcards are included in the keyword name. The fits_read_record routine may be used to set the starting position when doing wild card searches. A status value of KEY_NO_EXIST is returned if the specified keyword to be read is not found in the header.