6.4 Complete List of Iterator Routines

All of the iterator routines are listed below. Most of these routines do not have a corresponding short function name.

Iterator `constructor' functions that set the value of elements in the iteratorCol structure that define the columns or arrays. These set the fitsfile pointer, column name, column number, datatype, and iotype, respectively. The last 2 routines allow all the parameters to be set with one function call (one supplies the column name, the other the column number).

  int fits_iter_set_file(iteratorCol *col, fitsfile *fptr);

  int fits_iter_set_colname(iteratorCol *col, char *colname);

  int fits_iter_set_colnum(iteratorCol *col, int colnum);

  int fits_iter_set_datatype(iteratorCol *col, int datatype);

  int fits_iter_set_iotype(iteratorCol *col, int iotype);

  int fits_iter_set_by_name(iteratorCol *col, fitsfile *fptr,
          char *colname, int datatype,  int iotype);

  int fits_iter_set_by_num(iteratorCol *col, fitsfile *fptr,
          int colnum, int datatype,  int iotype);

Iterator `accessor' functions that return the value of the element in the iteratorCol structure that describes a particular data column or array

  fitsfile * fits_iter_get_file(iteratorCol *col);

  char * fits_iter_get_colname(iteratorCol *col);

  int fits_iter_get_colnum(iteratorCol *col);

  int fits_iter_get_datatype(iteratorCol *col);

  int fits_iter_get_iotype(iteratorCol *col);

  void * fits_iter_get_array(iteratorCol *col);

  long fits_iter_get_tlmin(iteratorCol *col);

  long fits_iter_get_tlmax(iteratorCol *col);

  long fits_iter_get_repeat(iteratorCol *col);

  char * fits_iter_get_tunit(iteratorCol *col);

  char * fits_iter_get_tdisp(iteratorCol *col);

The CFITSIO iterator function

  int fits_iterate_data(int narrays,  iteratorCol *data, long offset,
            long nPerLoop,
            int (*workFn)( long totaln, long offset, long firstn,
                           long nvalues, int narrays, iteratorCol *data,
                           void *userPointer),
            void *userPointer,
            int *status);