9.1.2 Download Utility Functions

These routines do not need to be called for normal file accessing. They are primarily intended to help with debugging and diagnosing issues which occur during file downloads. These routines are NOT THREAD-SAFE.

Toggle the verbosity of the libcurl library diagnostic output when accessing files with the HTTPS or FTPS protocol. `flag' = 1 turns the output on, 0 turns it off (the default).

   void fits_verbose_https / ffvhtps
        (int flag)

If `flag' is set to 1, this will display (to stderr) a progress bar during an https file download. (This is not yet implemented for other file transfer protocols.) `flag' = 0 by default.

   void fits_show_download_progress / ffshdwn
        (int flag)

The timeout setting (in seconds) determines the maximum time allowed for a net download to complete. If a download has not finished within the allowed time, the file transfer will terminate and the CFITSIO calling function will return with an error. Use fits_get_timeout will see the current timeout setting and fits_set_timeout to change the setting. This adjustmant may be particularly useful when having trouble downloading large files over slow connections.

   int fits_get_timeout / ffgtmo
   int fits_set_timeout / ffstmo
       (int seconds, > int *status)