10.6 Image Tile-Compression Specification

When specifying the name of the output FITS file to be created, the user can indicate that images should be written in tile-compressed format (see section 5.5, “Primary Array or IMAGE Extension I/O Routines”) by enclosing the compression parameters in square brackets following the root disk file name. Here are some examples of the syntax for specifying tile-compressed output images:

    myfile.fit[compress]    - use Rice algorithm and default tile size

    myfile.fit[compress GZIP] - use the specified compression algorithm;
    myfile.fit[compress Rice]     only the first letter of the algorithm
    myfile.fit[compress PLIO]     name is required.

    myfile.fit[compress Rice 100,100]   - use 100 x 100 pixel tile size
    myfile.fit[compress Rice 100,100;2] - as above, and use noisebits = 2