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2.7 Acknowledgments

The development of many of the powerful features in CFITSIO was made possible through collaborations with many people or organizations from around the world. The following, in particular, have made especially significant contributions:

Programmers from the Integral Science Data Center, Switzerland (namely, Jurek Borkowski, Bruce O'Neel, and Don Jennings), designed the concept for the plug-in I/O drivers that was introduced with CFITSIO 2.0. The use of `drivers' greatly simplified the low-level I/O, which in turn made other new features in CFITSIO (e.g., support for compressed FITS files and support for IRAF format image files) much easier to implement. Jurek Borkowski wrote the Shared Memory driver, and Bruce O'Neel wrote the drivers for accessing FITS files over the network using the FTP, HTTP, and ROOT protocols.

The ISDC also provided the template parsing routines (written by Jurek Borkowski) and the hierarchical grouping routines (written by Don Jennings). The ISDC DAL (Data Access Layer) routines are layered on top of CFITSIO and make extensive use of these features.

Uwe Lammers (XMM/ESA/ESTEC, The Netherlands) designed the high-performance lexical parsing algorithm that is used to do on-the-fly filtering of FITS tables. This algorithm essentially pre-compiles the user-supplied selection expression into a form that can be rapidly evaluated for each row. Peter Wilson (RSTX, NASA/GSFC) then wrote the parsing routines used by CFITSIO based on Lammers' design, combined with other techniques such as the CFITSIO iterator routine to further enhance the data processing throughput. This effort also benefited from a much earlier lexical parsing routine that was developed by Kent Blackburn (NASA/GSFC). More recently, Craig Markwardt (NASA/GSFC) implemented additional functions (median, average, stddev) and other enhancements to the lexical parser.

The CFITSIO iterator function is loosely based on similar ideas developed for the XMM Data Access Layer.

Peter Wilson (RSTX, NASA/GSFC) wrote the complete set of Fortran-callable wrappers for all the CFITSIO routines, which in turn rely on the CFORTRAN macro developed by Burkhard Burow.

The syntax used by CFITSIO for filtering or binning input FITS files is based on ideas developed for the AXAF Science Center Data Model by Jonathan McDowell, Antonella Fruscione, Aneta Siemiginowska and Bill Joye. See for further description of the AXAF Data Model.

The file decompression code were taken directly from the gzip (GNU zip) program developed by Jean-loup Gailly and others.

Doug Mink, SAO, provided the routines for converting IRAF format images into FITS format.

Martin Reinecke (Max Planck Institute, Garching)) provided the modifications to cfortran.h that are necessary to support 64-bit integer values when calling C routines from fortran programs. The cfortran.h macros were originally developed by Burkhard Burow (CERN).

Julian Taylor (ESO, Garching) provided the fast byte-swapping algorithms that use the SSE2 and SSSE3 machine instructions available on x86_64 CPUs.

In addition, many other people have made valuable contributions to the development of CFITSIO. These include (with apologies to others that may have inadvertently been omitted):

Steve Allen, Carl Akerlof, Keith Arnaud, Morten Krabbe Barfoed, Kent Blackburn, G Bodammer, Romke Bontekoe, Lucio Chiappetti, Keith Costorf, Robin Corbet, John Davis, Richard Fink, Ning Gan, Emily Greene, Joe Harrington, Cheng Ho, Phil Hodge, Jim Ingham, Yoshitaka Ishisaki, Diab Jerius, Mark Levine, Todd Karakaskian, Edward King, Scott Koch, Claire Larkin, Rob Managan, Eric Mandel, John Mattox, Carsten Meyer, Emi Miyata, Stefan Mochnacki, Mike Noble, Oliver Oberdorf, Clive Page, Arvind Parmar, Jeff Pedelty, Tim Pearson, Maren Purves, Scott Randall, Chris Rogers, Arnold Rots, Barry Schlesinger, Robin Stebbins, Andrew Szymkowiak, Allyn Tennant, Peter Teuben, James Theiler, Doug Tody, Shiro Ueno, Steve Walton, Archie Warnock, Alan Watson, Dan Whipple, Wim Wimmers, Peter Young, Jianjun Xu, and Nelson Zarate.

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