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2.4 Getting Started with FITSIO

In order to effectively use the FITSIO library as quickly as possible, it is recommended that new users follow these steps:

1. Read the following `FITS Primer' chapter for a brief overview of the structure of FITS files. This is especially important for users who have not previously dealt with the FITS table and image extensions.

2. Write a simple program to read or write a FITS file using the Basic Interface routines.

3. Refer to the cookbook.f program that is included with this release for examples of routines that perform various common FITS file operations.

4. Read Chapters 4 and 5 to become familiar with the conventions and advanced features of the FITSIO interface.

5. Scan through the more extensive set of routines that are provided in the `Advanced Interface'. These routines perform more specialized functions than are provided by the Basic Interface routines.