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1.4.3 Subroutine Families

Many of the FITSIO subroutines come in families which differ only in the datatype of the associated parameter(s) . The datatype of these subroutines is indicated by the last letter of the subroutine name (e.g., `j' in `ftpkyj') as follows:

        x - bit
        b - character*1 (unsigned byte)
        i - short integer (I*2)
        j - integer (I*4)
        e - real exponential floating point (R*4)
        f - real fixed-format floating point (R*4)
        d - double precision real floating-point (R*8)
        g - double precision fixed-format floating point (R*8)
        c - complex reals (pairs of R*4 values)
        m - double precision complex (pairs of R*8 values)
        l - logical (L*4)
        s - character string