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Using Macintosh PCs

There are currently 2 versions of FITSIO for use with different Fortran compilers on Macintosh PCs. The fitsmac.f file is for the Absoft compiler, and the fitsmacls.f file should be used with the Language Systems Fortran (V3.3) compiler. The MacMakefiles.sit.hqx file contains libfitsio.make which will build libfitsio.f.o. Use Stuffit Expander (freeware, see any good archive site) to unbinhex and unstuff these files. You can change FMakeOptions and FLinkOptions if you want. For instance, set

FMakeOptions = ... -sym
FLinkOptions = ... -sym ON
to use SADE. FITSIO has not been extensively tested on Mac systems, so please report any problems or additional suggestions for successfully building FITSIO on Macs to the author.