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Testing the FITSIO Library

The FITSIO library should be tested by building and running the testprog.f program that is included with the release. On Unix systems type:

    % f77 -o testprog testprog.f -L. -lfitsio
    % testprog > testprog.lis
    % cmp -l testprog.fft testprog.std
    % diff testprog.lis testprog.out
On VMS systems type:

    $ for testprog.f
    $ link testprog, fitsio/lib
    $ run testprog
The testprog program should produce a long set of diagnostic output messages ending with an 'OK' status, identical to those contained in the testprog.out file. The output FITS file, called testprog.fft, should be identical to the testprog.std FITS file included in this release. The 'cmp' command shown above should not report any differences between these 2 files except that on a few systems (e.g., HP-UX and LINUX) a few bytes may differ where a floating point number is formated with a leading blank instead of a leading zero in front of the decimal place (e.g. ' .000000' instead of '0.000000').