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The author would like to thank the many individuals who have used or tested FITSIO and have offered valuable suggestions to improve the FITSIO package. These include:

Steve Allen, Keith Arnaud, Kent Blackburn, G Bodammer, Romke Bontekoe, Robin Corbet, Lucio Chiappetti, Richard Fink, Emily Greene, Cheng Ho, Phil Hodge, Jim Ingham, Mark Levine, Todd Karakaskian, Edward King, Scott Koch, Don Jennings, Claire Larkin, Rob Managan, John Mattox, Carsten Meyer, Stefan Mochnacki, Bruce O'Neel, Clive Page, Arvind Parmar, Jeff Pedelty, Tim Pearson, Chris Rogers, Arnold Rots, Barry Schlesinger, Robin Stebbins, Allyn Tennant, Peter Teuben, Doug Tody, Steve Walton, Dan Whipple, and Nelson Zarate.