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Keyword I/O Routines

Put (append) an 80-character record into the CHU.

        FTPREC(unit,card, > status)

Put (append) a new keyword of the appropriate datatype into the CHU.

        FTPKY[JLS](unit,keyword,keyval,comment, > status)
        FTPKY[EDFG](unit,keyword,keyval,decimals,comment, > status)

Get the nth 80-character header record from the CHU. The first keyword in the header is at key_no = 1; if key_no = 0 then this subroutine simple moves the internal pointer to the beginning of the header so that subsequent keyword operations will start at the top of the header; it also returns a blank card value in this case.

        FTGREC(unit,key_no, > card,status)

Get a keyword value (with the appropriate datatype) and comment from the CHU

        FTGKY[EDJLS](unit,keyword, > keyval,comment,status)

Delete an existing keyword record.

        FTDKEY(unit,keyword, > status)