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Update Keyword Subroutines  

Update an 80-character record in the CHU. If the specified keyword already exists then that header record will be replaced with the input CARD string. If it does not exist then the new record will be added to the header.

        FTUCRD(unit,keyword,card, > status)

Update the value and comment fields of a keyword in the CHU. The specified keyword is modified if it already exists (by calling FTMKYx) otherwise a new keyword is created by calling FTPKYx.

        FTUKY[JLS](unit,keyword,keyval,comment, > status)
        FTUKY[EDFG](unit,keyword,keyval,decimals,comment, > status)

Update the value of an existing keyword to be undefined, or null, or insert a new undefined-value keyword if it doesn't already exist. The value string of the keyword is left blank in this case.

        FTIKYU(unit,keyword,comment, > status)