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Unix Platforms

The FITSIO library is built on most Unix systems by typing:

   > configure
   > make
at the operating system prompt. The `configure' command customizes the Makefile for the particular system, then the `make' command builds the library. The build process splits each routine in the source files into a separate disk file in a scratch subdirectory and may take some time to finish, depending on the speed of the processor.

On HP-UX systems using an older Fortran-77 compiler, programs that call FITSIO should be compiled and linked with the +U77 switch (to bring in the idate library function) and the +E5 switch (to enable the same FITS file to be attached to multiple Fortran unit numbers). The idate subroutine is only needed when writing the DATE FITS keyword with the FTPDAT subroutine. For example, to compile the testprog.f program type:

    fort77 +U77 -o testprog testprog.f -L. -lfitsio