ascascreen -- perform basic screening for unscreened ASCA science files


           ascascreen -[adefhmqvw] datadir instru datamode session bitrates


Ascascreen performs the basic cleaning for the unscreened (ad*.unf) ASCA science files. It can also operate on the raw (ft*.fits) files if the "-e fits" argument is given.

Ascascreen will also give a listing of the instruments and datamodes that are present in the data directory.


        -a  -  Use all the minor modes found
        -d  -  All values will be set at their defaults.
        -e  -  Set the file name extension to use
        -f  -  Use the supplied boolean expression for file selection
        -h  -  Gives this help.
        -m  -  Uses the minor mode with the Most events automatically.
        -q  -  Only writes the .xco file, and quits.  Does not run Xselect.
        -v  -  Gives the version history
        -w  -  The location of the wish shell (defaults to $FTOOLS/bin/itkwish)
               Only used for tkascascreen.

All commands can be entered in response to prompts, but you can also specify

the following on the command line:

         datadir  - the data directory, can be an absolute or relative path
         instru   - the instrument
         datamode - the datamode you wish to analyze
         session  - the prefix for all product files from this session (if
                    it starts with "!", overwrite existing files)
         bitrates - the bit rates in use (H, M, L: if more than one 
                    separate by commas or spaces and place entire string
                    in double quotes)

The rest of the arguments must be given in response to the prompts.

Responses need only be the shortest unambiguous string. When there are several choices offered, the default will be in upper case. When only one choice is available, hitting a return will enter the default.


       ascascreen -d -f "S0CCDMOD==4" ../mydata SIS0 BRIGHT s0_bright "H,M"

will run ascascreen with all parameters assigned default values, using the data directory ../mydata, the instrument SIS0, the datamode BRIGHT, only HIGH and MEDIUM bit rates, and observations in which all 4 CCDs are on (the -f filter), and the session products will be prefixed with s0_bright.

       ascascreen -e fits ../mydata GIS2 PH \!g2 "H,M,L"

will start up ascascreen, with the data directory ../mydata, the instrument GIS2, the datamode PH (the standard), will use all bit rates, will look for event files ending in .fits, and the session products will be prefixed with g2, overwritting any pre-existing files with that prefix.


Jan96 ftools.asca