fastwmap -- Add a WMAP to a FAST mode spectral file


        fastwmap infile outfile binsize


The extractor task does not put a Weighted map in the primary extension of the spectral files it produces for ASCA SIS FAST mode data. This task will create a new FITS file, copy over all the other extensions, and put a WMAP into the primary extension. This task reads from the spectrum header the information required to deduce the region from which the spectrum was extracted.


infile [file name]
The FITS file to copy and add a WMAP to.

outfile [file name]
The new FITS file containing the WMAP.

binsize [integer]
The bin size for the WMAP to be written.

calfile [file name]
The path to the s?_teldef_ascalin.fits file. If this is set to CALDB then fastwmap will look for the file in the calibration database. If calfile is set to AUTO then fastwmap first checks the calibration database and if this fails it checks the ftools refdata area.

clobber [boolean]
Overwrite the output file if it exists.


1. Add a WMAP to data in infile.pha, writing the result to outfile.pha. Set the WMAP binning to 8.

ft> fastwmap infile.pha outfile.pha 8




Feb96 ftools.asca