fdelhdu -- Delete an extension from a FITS file


        fdelhdu infile[ext#] confirm proceed


This task deletes an extension (not the primary) of a FITS file. Since the input FITS file is modified by this utility, an opportunity is given to confirm before deleting the extension.


infile [file name]
The file name and number or name of the extension to be deleted. The extension number or name has to be specified explicitly.

(confirm = yes) [boolean]
If set to YES, the following information (keyword values) about the selected extension will be printed; EXTENSION, EXTNAME, NAXIS, NAXES[].

proceed = yes [boolean]
At this point the user may proceed or quit without modifying the input FITS file. If the 'PROCEED' parameter is set to NO, then the program exits without modifying the input file. If 'CONFIRM' is set to NO and 'PROCEED' is set to YES, the utility simply deletes the extension without any warnings. (suitable for a script)


1. Delete the second extension from the input file test.fits.

                  ft> fdelhdu test.fits+2 N Y


The user has to provide the extension number or name of input file explicitly. Otherwise the program will give a error message and quit.


ftdelhdu. fv, the interactive FITS file editor, can also be used to delete extensions from a FITS file.


Feb97 ftools.futils