fkeypar -- Read the value of FITS header keyword and write it to the parameter file.


         fkeypar fitsfile[ext#] keyword


This task reads the value of a keyword (in the header of the first FITS extension, by default) and writes it as a string to the 'value' parameter in the parameter file. The keyword comment string is also written to the 'comm' parameter. Whether the keyword exists or not is written to another parameter. See also the ftkeypar task which performs a similar function.


fitsfile [file name]
The name, including extension and extension number in square brackets (e.g., myfile.fits[3]) of the input FITS file to be read. If no explicit FITS extension name or number is specified, then by default fkeypar will look for the specified keyword in the header of the first extension of the FITS file (and not in the primary array header).

keyword [string]
Name of the header keyword to be read. (The name is not case sensitive.)

(exist) [boolean]
Whether or not the requested keyword exists.

(value) [string]
Returned value of the header keyword.

(comm) [string]
Returned keyword comment string.


1. Read the value and comment string of the NAXIS keyword in the 3rd extension in the FITS file called 'myfile.fits'.

          ft> fkeypar myfile.fits[3] naxis



ftkeypar, fthedit, ftedit, ftlist, heatools


Jun92 ftools.futils