ftabkey -- Copy a FITS table element to a FITS header keyword.


        ftabkey tblfile[ext#] column row fitsfile[ext#] keyword


This task copies the value of an element in a FITS table extension (either an ASCII or a binary table) to the value of a keyword in the header of the same or a different FITS file. An error message is printed if the table element is undefined. By default, only values of existing keywords may be modified, but if the hidden parameter 'add' is set to "yes", then this task will add a new keyword to the header if it doesn't already exist.


tblfile [file name]
The name, including extension and extension number in square brackets (e.g., myfile.fits[3]) of the input FITS table to be read. By default the first extension will be read.

column [string]
Column name in table to be read. (Name is not case sensitive).

row [integer]
Row number in table to be read.

fitsfile [file name]
The name, including extension and extension number in square brackets, of the FITS header to be modified. If this name is blank then the keyword will be written to the header of the table that was read.

keyword [string]
Name of header keyword to be modified (or added if it does not exist and if the 'add' parameter = 'yes'). The name is not case sensitive.

(element = 1) [string]
If the column contains an array of values (i.e., a vector column in a binary table) then this is the number of the element within the vector to be read. If the column contains an array, specify all dimensions: 23,2.

(add = no) [boolean]
Is it OK to create a new keyword if it does not currently exist?


1. Copy the value in the 10th row of the 'WAVELENGTH' column in the FITS file myfile.fits[4] to a keyword called WAVEVAL in the primary header in the file datfile.fits:

          ft> ftabkey myfile.fits[4] wavelength 10 datfile.fits[0] waveval



ftlist, fthedit, ftedit, ftkeypar, heatools. fv, the interactive FITS file editor, can also be used to copy a table element to a header keyword.


Jun92 ftools.futils