ftabpar -- Copy the value of a FITS table element to the parameter file.


        ftabpar fitsfile[ext#] column row 


This task reads the value of an element in a FITS table extension (either an ASCII or a binary table) and writes it as a string to the 'value' parameter in the parameter file. If the element is undefined then the task parameter 'undef' will be set to "yes".


fitsfile [file name]
The name, including extension and extension number in square brackets (e.g., myfile.fits[3] ) of the input FITS file to be read. By default the first extension will be read.

column [string]
Name of the table column to be read.

row [integer]
Row number to read.

(element = 1) [string]
If the column contains an array of values (i.e., a vector column in a binary table) then this is the number of the element within the vector to be read. If the column is an array, enter all dimensions in the form 10,3.

(value) [string]
Returned value read from the table.

(undef) [boolean]
Is the value read from the table undefined?


1. Read the value in the 10th row of the 'WAVELENGTH' column in the 4th extension in the FITS file myfile.fits.

          ft> ftabpar myfile.fits[4] wavelength 10



ftlist, ftedit, fthedit, ftkeypar


Jun92 ftools.futils