ghkdump -- display GIS HK parameters from a GIS HK file


        ghkdump infile outfile interval [average modal_check]


Read an ASCA GIS HK file and dump GIS HK parameters.

The following GIS HK parameters are output for the every input interval:

LD_hit, L0, L1, L2, H0, H1, H2, CPU_in, CPU_out, Telemetry_out, RBM_monitor, Temperature of GIS sensor, Temperature of RBM, HV-L monitor, HV-H monitor, HV-H current moitor, RBM flag, CPU2 and 3 status.

Contact Ken Ebisawa, ASCA GOF, GSFC ( for questions.


infile [file name]
Name of the GIS HK file.

outfile [file name]
Name of the output file. If 'STDOUT' is specified, output to the terminal.

interval [real]
Interval of the HK data sampling and dump (sec).

(average = yes) [boolean]
Dump average (yes) or sum (no) of the HK parameters. if average = yes, HK values are averaged over the interval and the average is output in the unit of counts/sec. Otherwise, hk values are accumulated over the interval and output (so the unit is counts/interval).

(modal_check = no) [boolean]
Check modal parameter change (yes) or not (no).


Dump GIS HK parameters (counts/sec) averaging over every 32 sec and output to the terminal:

     ghkdump ft930303_1556.2256G33499HHK.fits STDOUT 32


Since FRFread 3.000, a single HK file is made from a single FRF, and then modal parameters can change within a single HK file.




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