gis3bitfix - fix ASCA GIS3 for 3-bit error


        gis3bitfix evtlist calfile timfile attfile


All GIS3 PH data acquired in PHA mode between Feb 10 and Apr 8 1994 suffer from an on-board software related problem. The 3 LSB PHA bits are stuck in the pattern 101; some time resolution may be lost. This script makes a set of reprocessed, fixed GIS3 PHA science files. However the digital resolution of the resultant spectra is necessarily decreased to 7 bits.

The arguments are: 1) a file containing a list of (previously processed) affected GIS3 event files, 2) those necessary to run ASCALIN. The resultant files have the extension .fix appended to the file name.


       Usage: $SCRIPTNAME evtlist calfile timfile attfile

Process evtlist files.


        evtlist = name of file containing a list of event files to be corrected
        calfile = name of teldef file       (the gis3_phnew* file)
        timfile = name of gain history file (the ft*.ghf     file)
        attfile = name of attitude file     (the fa*         file)


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