make_ascaray_image - run ascaray sequentially for 300 energies




make_ascaray_images is a perl script to run the ftool "ascaray" sequentially for 300 energies from 0.1 keV to 12 keV. The output ray-trace images are used as input of "ascaray" to create ARFs with "raytrace=yes" option. This method of crating ARF will be particularly effective for diffuse sources, though point-source ARFs may be used in the same manner.

Users are prompted for the following inputs; name of the output file list (used for ascaarf input), number of input photons, either the source is extended or point-like, source extension (for extended case) or source position (point-source case), mirror surface gold density, origin of the atomic constants, image size (either GIS or SIS), energy range of the output, and either compress the output file or not.


Jan96 ftools.asca