mkfilter2 - Produce an ASCA filter file for XSELECT.


        mkfilter2 S0HK S1HK G2HK G3HK rigidityfile frf leapsecfile
               attitudefile Euler_angles(3) bin_width outfile


mkfilter2 is a program to produce a filter file that XSELECT uses. mkfilter2 gets information from HK files (SIS S0-1 and GIS G2-3), frf.orbit,, and attitude frf. To do this, mkfilter2 accesses HK files, NOT telemetry frf.

This is an FTOOLS version of Toshiaki Takeshima's mkfilter2 program, version 2.34.


s0_hk [filename]
Name of the SIS0 housekeeping file.

s1_hk [filename]
Name of the SIS1 housekeeping file.

g2_hk [filename]
Name of the GIS2 housekeeping file.

g3_hk [filename]
Name of the GIS3 housekeeping file.

rigidity = /asca/operation/dp10/ [filename]
Name of the rigidity data file.

orbit = frf.orbit [filename]
Name of orbit file.

leapsec = $FTOOLS/refdata/leapsec.fits [filename]
Leap seconds file.

attitude [filename, optional]
Name of the attitude file. Optional. If omitted, the values of the euler parameter are used.

euler = "-111.52 157.38 -169.41" [string of 3 numbers]
Euler angles giving the spacecraft orientation. Used if the attitude file is not specified or is out of date, and for bins that are outside the range of the attitude file.

binwidth = 32 [double]
Bin width, in seconds. Recommended values are 16 and 32; at shorter widths some SIS parameters will sometimes be skipped, while at longer widths the sampling frequency of attitude and aspect parameters becomes too low to select data correctly.

outfile [filename]
Name of output file.

(redosatf = yes) [boolean]
Recalculate SIS saturation flags based on telemetry events and bit rate, as previously (default), or use the ones from the HK files?

(clobber = no) [boolean]
Overwrite existing file?


The filter file contains the following parameters:

          Name                Type        Unit        Comment
          TIME                double        sec        Bin center, in seconds from Jan. 1, 1993
          START                char                Start time of record
          BN_WIDTH        double        sec        Data Bin Width
          BIT_RATE         byte                DP Bit Rate 0:H, 1:M, 2:L
          ACS                byte                ACS Status 0:fine mode, 1:corse mode
          NSAS                float        degree        NSAS cone angle (sun angle)
          Z_ALPHA                float        degree        R.A.(2000) of Z-Axis
          Z_DELTA                float        degree        Dec.(2000) of Z-Axis
          EULER_3                float        degree        3rd Euler Angle (Z-Y-Z)
          SAT_ALT                float        degree        Satellite altitude
          SAT_LON                float        km        Satellite longitude
          SAT_LAT                float        degree        Satellite latitude
          ELV                float        degree        Target elevation from the Earth regde
          COR                float        GeV        Cut Off Rigidity
          FOV                byte                Field of View  0:Sky/1:Night Earth/2:Day Earth
          BR_EARTH        float        degree        Angular distance from Bright Earth
          SAA                byte                Passage of South Atlantic Anomaly 1:yes/0:no
          T_SAA                float        sec        Time after SAA passage (sec)
          SUNSHINE        byte                1:satellite is in daytime/ 0:night
          T_DY_NT                float        sec        Time after day/night transition (sec)
          S0_MODE                byte                SIS_0 observation mode 0:Fnt/1:Brt/2:Fst/3:Frm
          S1_MODE                byte                SIS_1 observation mode 4:DkFrm/5:Hst/6:Intg
          S0_ID                int                SIS_0 CCD ID LIST
          S1_ID                int                SIS_1 CCD ID LIST
          S0_DSCR                byte                SIS_0 Discriminator status
          S1_DSCR                byte                SIS_1 Discriminator status
          SIS_ADRS        byte                SIS Address Dscri 0:in 1:out for each chip
          S0_GRADE        byte                SIS_0 grade discriminate value
          S1_GRADE        byte                SIS_1 grade discriminate value
          S0_EVTR0        int                SIS_0 Chip_0 Event Threshold
          S0_EVTR1        int                SIS_0 Chip_1 Event Threshold
          S0_EVTR2        int                SIS_0 Chip_2 Event Threshold
          S0_EVTR3        int                SIS_0 Chip_3 Event Threshold
          S1_EVTR0        int                SIS_1 Chip_0 Event Threshold
          S1_EVTR1        int                SIS_1 Chip_1 Event Threshold
          S1_EVTR2        int                SIS_1 Chip_2 Event Threshold
          S1_EVTR3        int                SIS_1 Chip_3 Event Threshold
          S0_SPTR0        int                SIS_0 Chip_0 Split Threshold
          S0_SPTR1        int                SIS_0 Chip_1 Split Threshold
          S0_SPTR2        int                SIS_0 Chip_2 Split Threshold
          S0_SPTR3        int                SIS_0 Chip_3 Split Threshold
          S1_SPTR0        int                SIS_1 Chip_0 Split Threshold
          S1_SPTR1        int                SIS_1 Chip_1 Split Threshold
          S1_SPTR2        int                SIS_1 Chip_2 Split Threshold
          S1_SPTR3        int                SIS_1 Chip_3 Split Threshold
          S0_AE                byte                SIS_0 AE Status 0:normal/1:A-off/2:Power off
          S1_AE                byte                SIS_1 AE Status 0:normal/1:A-off/2:Power off
          S0_TEMP                float        deg C        SIS_0 CCD temperature
          S1_TEMP                float        deg C        SIS_1 CCD temperature
          S0_EVNT0        float        evt/sec        SIS_0 chip_0 HK Event number
          S0_EVNT1        float        evt/sec        SIS_0 chip_1 HK Event number
          S0_EVNT2        float        evt/sec        SIS_0 chip_2 HK Event number
          S0_EVNT3        float        evt/sec        SIS_0 chip_3 HK Event number
          S1_EVNT0        float        evt/sec        SIS_1 chip_0 HK Event number
          S1_EVNT1        float        evt/sec        SIS_1 chip_1 HK Event number
          S1_EVNT2        float        evt/sec        SIS_1 chip_2 HK Event number
          S1_EVNT3        float        evt/sec        SIS_1 chip_3 HK Event number
          S0_PIXL0        float        pxl/sec        SIS_0 chip_0 HK Pixel number over threshold
          S0_PIXL1        float        pxl/sec        SIS_0 chip_1 HK Pixel number over threshold
          S0_PIXL2        float        pxl/sec        SIS_0 chip_2 HK Pixel number over threshold
          S0_PIXL3        float        pxl/sec        SIS_0 chip_3 HK Pixel number over threshold
          S1_PIXL0        float        pxl/sec        SIS_1 chip_0 HK Pixel number over threshold
          S1_PIXL1        float        pxl/sec        SIS_1 chip_1 HK Pixel number over threshold
          S1_PIXL2        float        pxl/sec        SIS_1 chip_2 HK Pixel number over threshold
          S1_PIXL3        float        pxl/sec        SIS_1 chip_3 HK Pixel number over threshold
          S0_TELM0        float        evt/sec        SIS_0 chip_0 telemely event number
          S0_TELM1        float        evt/sec        SIS_0 chip_1 telemely event number
          S0_TELM2        float        evt/sec        SIS_0 chip_2 telemely event number
          S0_TELM3        float        evt/sec        SIS_0 chip_3 telemely event number
          S1_TELM0        float        evt/sec        SIS_1 chip_0 telemely event number
          S1_TELM1        float        evt/sec        SIS_1 chip_1 telemely event number
          S1_TELM2        float        evt/sec        SIS_1 chip_2 telemely event number
          S1_TELM3        float        evt/sec        SIS_1 chip_3 telemely event number
          S0_SATF0        byte                SIS_0 chip_0 saturation flag 0:no/ 1:yes
          S0_SATF1        byte                SIS_0 chip_1 saturation flag 0:no/ 1:yes
          S0_SATF2        byte                SIS_0 chip_2 saturation flag 0:no/ 1:yes
          S0_SATF3        byte                SIS_0 chip_3 saturation flag 0:no/ 1:yes
          S1_SATF0        byte                SIS_1 chip_0 saturation flag 0:no/ 1:yes
          S1_SATF1        byte                SIS_1 chip_1 saturation flag 0:no/ 1:yes
          S1_SATF2        byte                SIS_1 chip_2 saturation flag 0:no/ 1:yes
          S1_SATF3        byte                SIS_1 chip_3 saturation flag 0:no/ 1:yes
          S0_DFE0                float        ADU        SIS_0 chip_0 dark frame error
          S0_DFE1                float        ADU        SIS_0 chip_1 dark frame error
          S0_DFE2                float        ADU        SIS_0 chip_2 dark frame error
          S0_DFE3                float        ADU        SIS_0 chip_3 dark frame error
          S1_DFE0                float        ADU        SIS_1 chip_0 dark frame error
          S1_DFE1                float        ADU        SIS_1 chip_1 dark frame error
          S1_DFE2                float        ADU        SIS_1 chip_2 dark frame error
          S1_DFE3                float        ADU        SIS_1 chip_3 dark frame error
          GIS_MODE        byte                GIS observation mode, 0:PH/ 1:MPC/ 2:PCAL
          GHV2_L                byte                GIS HVL2 status 16:off/8:reduction/0-7:level
          GHV3_L                byte                GIS HVL3 status 16:off/8:reduction/0-7:level
          GHV2_H                byte                GIS HVH2 status 16:off/8:reduction/0-7:level
          GHV3_H                byte                GIS HVH3 status 16:off/8:reduction/0-7:level
          G2_LDHIT        float        cnt/sec        GIS_2 Lower Discri Hit counting rate
          G3_LDHIT        float        cnt/sec        GIS_3 Lower Discri Hit counting rate
          G2_H0                float        cnt/sec        GIS_2 HK monitor H0
          G3_H0                float        cnt/sec        GIS_3 HK monitor H0
          G2_H1                float        cnt/sec        GIS_2 HK monitor H1
          G3_H1                float        cnt/sec        GIS_3 HK monitor H1
          G2_H2                float        cnt/sec        GIS_2 HK monitor H2
          G3_H2                float        cnt/sec        GIS_3 HK monitor H2
          G2_L0                float        cnt/sec        GIS_2 HK monitor L0
          G3_L0                float        cnt/sec        GIS_3 HK monitor L0
          G2_L1                float        cnt/sec        GIS_2 HK monitor L1
          G3_L1                float        cnt/sec        GIS_3 HK monitor L1
          G2_L2                float        cnt/sec        GIS_2 HK monitor L2
          G3_L2                float        cnt/sec        GIS_3 HK monitor L2
          G2_CPU_I        float        cnt/sec        GIS_2 HK monitor CPU_IN
          G3_CPU_I        float        cnt/sec        GIS_3 HK monitor CPU_IN
          G2_CPU_O        float        cnt/sec        GIS_2 HK monitor CPU_OUT
          G3_CPU_O        float        cnt/sec        GIS_3 HK monitor CPU_OUT
          G2_TELM                float        cnt/sec        GIS_0 telemely event number
          G3_TELM                float        cnt/sec        GIS_1 telemely event number
          G2_CPU_S        byte                GIS_2 CPU status, run +4, stop +2, error +1
          G3_CPU_S        byte                GIS_3 CPU status, run +4, stop +2, error +1
          GIS_HAMM        byte                GIS Hamming Error 0:off/1:on
          G2_TEMP                float        deg C        GIS_2 temperature
          G3_TEMP                float        deg C        GIS_3 temperature
          G2_HVHMN        float        V        GIS2 HV-H monitor
          G2_HVLMN        float        V        GIS2 HV-L monitor
          G2_HVHCM        float        uA        GIS2 HV-H current monitor
          G3_HVHMN        float        V        GIS3 HV-H monitor
          G3_HVLMN        float        V        GIS3 HV-L monitor
          G3_HVHCM        float        uA        GIS3 HV-H current monitor
          G2_DEADT        float                GIS_2 Dead time correction factor (0-1)
          G3_DEADT        float                GIS_3 Dead time correction factor (0-1)
          RBM_TEMP        float        deg C        RBM temperature
          GIS_RBMF        byte                RBM flag status of GIS 0:off/1:on
          SIS_RBMF        byte                RBM flag status of SIS 0:off/1:on
          RBM_CONT        float        cnt/sec        RBM counting rate
          ETI                int                Extended TI counter
          ANG_DIST        float        degree        Ang. Distance of FOV from specified direction


          Toshiaki Takeshima
          NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
          Code 662 / XTE SOF
          Greenbelt MD 20771, USA
          Phone 703-286-5090

For FTOOLS assistance and to report bugs, contact the FTOOLS Development Team at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center,, or the ASCA Guest Observer Facility,


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