sisclean - This task creates an SAOimage region file which will remove the 'hot' and 'flickering' pixels from an sis image.


sisclean imfil clnim sisreg plotdv


The task takes an SIS image. First it plots the number of counts per pixel against the number of pixels with that many counts. It also plots a gaussian distribution of pixels for comparison. Then the user is prompted for a pixel cutoff, and an SAOimage region file is written which excludes all the pixels with more than that many counts. The task also writes a cleaned image, with the pixels removed.


imfil [filename]
The name of the image file (in the primary extension).

clnim [filename]
The name of the output cleaned image.

sisreg [filename]
The output SAOimage format region file.

plotdv [string]
The plotting device (in PGPLOT) for the pixel count vs. pixel hits plot.

(plot = yes) [boolean]
Should the plot be drawn?

pixcut [integer]
The pixel cutoff value.


     1.   Produce a cleaned region (sisreg.cln) and image (clean_image.xsl)
     file for the input image xsel_image.xsl.  Do put up the plot, using
     the Xwindows driver of PGPLOT.
           ft> sisclean xsel_image.xsl clean_image.xsl sisreg.cln /xw




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