ftdmprmf - Displays OGIP standard Response FITS file


ftdmprmf infile ebdfile dispebd disprmf disphd primary outfile ebdchan rmfener imagefile page clobber


FTDMPRMF displays the contents of an OGIP standard RMF file (containing the detector response matrix) to the terminal or to a text file, if the user enters an output filename. The EBOUNDS and SPECRESP extensions can be displayed with user-defined channel or energy ranges, respectively. In addition the response matrix can be written as an image in FITS format, if the user enters an image filename.


infile [filename]
The name of the input FITS RMF file.

ebdfile [string]
The name of the input FITS file with the EBOUNDS extension. If "%" then use infile.

dispebd [bool]
Display the EBOUNDS data.

disprmf [bool]
Display the SPECRESP data.

disphd [bool]
Display the full header information for EBOUNDS and SPECRESP, if selected.

primary [bool]
Display the primary header.

dispmat [bool]
Display the full matrix.

outfile [filename]
The name of the output text file. For no output file enter "none", "NONE", or " ".

ebdchan [string]
The EBOUNDS channels to be displayed. Should either be a range e.g. 1-5 or the string All.

rmfener [string]
The SPECRESP energies to be displayed. Should either be a range e.g. 1-5 or the string All.

imagefile [filename]
The output FITS filename for an image of the response. For no output image file enter "none", "NONE", or " ".

page [bool]
Pipe the output to more.

clobber [bool]
If clobber = yes then overwrite the output files if a file of the appropriate name already exists.


Using ftdmprmf to "uncompress" a MEG response matrix (which is very sparse and stored in the compressed RMF format) to an uncompressed image of the entire matrix. The output fits image is called rmf.fits.
% ftdmprmf imagefile = rmf.fits clobber=yes
Please enter RMF filename[] acis_meg_p1.rmf
Do you want to display EBOUNDS data?[no] no
Do you want to display RMF data?[yes] yes
Do you want Full header info?[no] no
Do you want to display full matrix?[yes] yes
Please enter output filename[rmf.txt] rmf.txt
Enter SPECRESP energies to be displayed (e.g. 1-5)[All] All 
The input (compressed) RMF is 19MB, while the image of the uncompressed RMF is 256MB



Sep 2016