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Task Name and Version

Every HEADAS task should register its name and version number so that the information is available to other routines which may need it. A set of routines in the heautils library (see headas_toolname.c in the library inventory section, below) has been provided for this purpose. Each task should call set_toolname() and set_toolversion() to record the information and developers may retrieve the information via get_toolname()/get_toolversion() or by the simpler get_toolnamev() which returns both in a single string with name and version joined with an underscore. The Fortran equivalents are hdnameset(), hdverset(), hdnameget(), hdverget() and hdnamevget(). Note that a default name is recorded during task initialization based on the executable name. A default version number of "0.0" will likewise be used. These defaults will be superceded via calls at the task level to set_toolname() and set_toolversion().

Bryan Irby 2018-06-27