raysmith - Create XSPEC table model files for the Raymond-Smith plasma emission model.


raysmith filename tstart tend ntsteps efilenm clobber


This tool runs the Raymond-Smith plasma emission code and creates an XSPEC table file that can be used for fitting to observed spectra. The raysmith model in XSPEC uses such a file however this ftool allows users of XSPEC to create their own version of the model with a different grid of temperatures or different energy binsizes.

The temperature grid calculated is in ntsteps logarithmic steps from tstart to tend (which are specified in keV).

The energies on which the models will be calculated are specified in a text file whose name is given by the efilenm parameter. Each line in this text file can specify an energy binning using the same format as the XSPEC dummyrsp and energies commands. For instance,
0.1 10.0 1000 log
10.0 500.0 100 log
will create 1000 energy bins with logarithmic spacing between 0.1 and 10.0 keV followed by 100 bins with logarithmic spacing between 10 and 500 keV.

Note that this tool is rather inefficient and takes much longer to run the raymond-smith code than strictly necessary. This inefficiency is tolerated because it allows the table to be created using logarithmically spaced energy bins.


filename [filename]
The name of the output XSPEC table model file.

tstart [float]
The lowest temperature for the table (in keV).

tend [float]
The highest temperature for the table (in keV).

ntsteps [int]
The number of temperatures for the table.

efilenm [filename]
The name of the file describing the energies on which the model spectra should be calculated.

clobber [bool]
If clobber = yes then overwrite the output file if a file of this name already exists.



The raymond model. The atable model.


Nov 2012