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One can use the following program to list parameters :

for (i=0; i<parcnt; i++)
 { if (PIL_OK != PILGetParameter(i, &pardata, &minmaxflag, &minval, 
   if (PIL_FORMAT_OK != pp->format) continue;

   minmaxstr[0] = 0;
   if (1 == minmaxflag) sprintf(minmaxstr, "min=%s, max=%s ", 
                                pp->strmin, pp->strmax);
   if (2 == minmaxflag) sprintf(minmaxstr, "enum=%s ", pp->strmin);

   printf("%-16.16s 0x%02x 0x%02x %20s %s// %s\n", pp->strname, 
          pp->type, pp->mode, pp->strvalue, minmaxstr, pp->strprompt);

Symbolic values are defined in pil.h

This function does not have its F90 version.

Bryan Irby 2004-10-05