HITOMI specific

General Applications

ahgtigen - Create and/or merge GTI files
ahmodhkext - Merge extensions of FITS file into single extension
ahscreen - Screen a science event file

Mission Applications

aharfgen - Make an ancillary response function (ARF) file for the SXS or SXI, or a response matrix (RSP) file for the HXI
ahbackscal - Correct BACKSCAL keyword in a spectrum extracted with XSELECT
ahcalcl32ti - Compute L32TI from S_TIME
ahcalctime - Rerun the timing tools on an output directory from the pipeline
ahexpmap - Generates an exposure map for HXI, SXI, and SXS, or a flat field image for SXI and SXS
ahfilter - Generate an EHK file and a MKF filter file
ahgainfit - Calculate the time-dependent energy gain corrections using known calibration lines
ahmkehk - Extract and calculate parameters from orbit and attitude (EHK)
ahmkregion - Creates regions files showing the field of view of all HITOMI instruments
ahmktim - Calculates the relation of Time Invariant vs Time and the GTI for when the GPS is on
ahpipeline - HXI/SGD/SXS/SXI reprocessing tool
ahsxtarfgen - Creates an ancillary response file (ARF) for the SXS + SXT-S or SXI + SXT-I, accounting for the telescope effective area and detector efficiencies.
ahtime - Calculate times and populate the TIME column for all science and housekeeping data
ahtimeconv - Convert mission time in different formats
ahtrendtemp - Calculate the quartz clock frequency vs tempereature relation for the on-board clock

HXI/SGD Applications

cams2att - Computes a time-dependent delta-attitude file
cams2det - Calculate offsets and rotations in HXI coordinates using CAMS telemetry input
camssim - (1) Simulates motion of the Extensible Optical Bench (EOB) for testing CAMS-correction. (2) Generates RAW coordinates associated with given HXI ACT coordinates and the simulated motion
hxievtid - Reconstructs HXI events
hxigainfit - Calculate the HXI time-dependent energy gain corrections for events from comparison with known calibration lines
hxinxbgen - Create a Non-X-ray Background (NXB) spectrum for HXI
hxipipeline - HXI reprocessing tool
hxirspeffimg - Creates a combined effective are and spectral response matrix ("RSP" file) and/or a flat-field corection image, for the HXI1 + HXT1 or HXI2 + HXT2 combinations, accounting for the telescope effective area, detector efficiencies, and CAMS motion.
hxisgddtime - Calculate and correct for deadtime HXI and SGD spectra and lightcurves
hxisgdexpand - Expand HXI and SGD SFF occurrences to have one signal in each row
hxisgdmerge - Merge slew and pointing raw (unprocessed) event files for the HXI or SGD
hxisgdpha - Calibrates the HXI or SGD PHA for each signal in the SFF event file
hxisgdsff - Converts an HXI or SGD First FITS File (FFF) into the Second FITS File (SFF)
hxisgdshield - Extract lightcurves or spectra from shield data of HXI or SGD
sgdarfgen - Calculate SGD transmission ratio for a source on the sky and create arf file
sgdevtid - Reconstruct SGD events
sgdgainfit - Calculate the SGD time-dependent energy gain corrections for events from comparison with known calibration lines
sgdpipeline - SGD reprocessing tool

SXI Applications

sxiflagpix - Flag pixel STATUS for SXI event data
sxigainfit - Calculate the SXI time-dependent energy gain corrections for events from comparison with known calibration lines
sximodegti - Create GTI excluding dead time for each SXI observing
sxinxbgen - Create a Non-X-ray Background (NXB) spectrum for SXI
sxiphas - Merge inner 3x3 and outer 5x5 pulse height columns in SXI event list
sxipi - Calculate pulse invariant (PI) values and assign grades for SXI events
sxipipeline - Calculate pulse invariant (PI) values and assign grades for SXI events
sxirmf - Create an SXI energy Redistribution Matrix File (RMF)

SXS Applications

mxsgti - Create MXS GTI files
mxstime - Calculate the times of the MXS start and stop and generates coarse and fine GTI files
sxsanticolc - Extract SXS antico light curve(s) and spectra using optional screening criteria
sxsanticopi - Assign PHA and PI columns to the SXS anticoincidence events
sxsbranch - Compute rates, branching ratios, and effective exposure times for each SXS event grade for an input real or simulated file, or based on a count rate
sxsextend - Rerun tasks sxspha2pi, sxsperseus (if necessary), and ahscreen in order to produce SXS event files in extended energy mode
sxsflagpix - Flag SXS events for antico and MXS event coincidence, temporal proximity, and crosstalk
sxsgain - Calculate the time-dependent energy correction for SXS events from comparison with known calibration lines
sxsmkrmf - Create an SXS RMF file and/or an RSP file for selected SXS pixels and grades
sxsnxbgen - Create a Non-X-ray Background (NXB) spectrum for SXS
sxsperseus - Remove differential gain error and fiducial gain error
sxspha2pi - Calculate the PI for the SXS event files
sxspipeline - SXS reprocessing tool
sxspixgti - Create SXS GTI files
sxsregext - Extract SXS data products from an event file using a region and selection of grades.
sxsrmf - Create an SXS RMF file for selcted SXS pixels and grades with weighting factors
sxssamcnt - Calculate the local time in the SXS files necessary to assign time
sxsseccor - Correct PHA for secondary events
sxssecid - Associate SXS secondary events to the primary and allow to recalculate event grades

Non Hitomi specific


aberattitude - Correct an attitude file for aberration effects
aberposition - Correct coordinates for aberration effects
attconvert - Converts attitude format
coordevt - Convert events from one coordinate system to another
coordpnt - Convert a single point or region file from one coordinate system to another
det2att2 - Converts detector coordinate offsets and rotations to attitude quaternions

FTOOL TIME Applications

gticolconv - Merge or split GTI based on specified 'column' and 'direction'
gtiinvert - Create a gti file by inverting the time intervals of an input gti file

HEASIM Applications

heasim - Multi-mission high-energy astrophysics simulation tool
skyback - Simulates the total, broadband, discrete and diffuse high-energy astrophysical background

HEAGEN Applications

arftable - Create an ancillary response function (ARF), or effective area file from the output events from the raytracing code xrtraytrace, not including any detector efficiencies
eeftable - Create an encircled energy function (EEF) file based on the output history file from the raytracing tool xrtraytrace
xrtraytrace - Perform raytracing simulations of X-ray telescopes, calculating photon paths, PSF, EEF, and effective area
xrtreftable - Calculate the probability of reflection and transmission of a ray upon a surface, and mass absorption coefficients for mirror surface
barycen - Apply barycenter corrections to X-ray timing data

HEASARC Applications

searchflickpix - Search for anomalous 'flickering' pixels in event files from CCD-type detectors



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