Platform-specific information for fv 3.0 for Mac OS

The Windows and Mac OS versions of fv contain a number of "peculiarities"
which are either due to limitations/bugs in the tcl/tk language or the
Windows/Mac operating system. Here are a few we know about for
Mac OS...

   * Dashed and dotted lines are not supported.  These features are
     provided by the Tcl/Tk package which lacks this feature on Mac OS.

   * Low memory situations are not handled well.  Tcl/Tk will abort if it 
     runs out of memory.  POW tries to test for this when displaying 
     images and to avoid it, but we have not found a way which always 
     catches this error.  So be careful if plotting a large number of 
     images, especially image animations (such as the sample 

An included AppleScript called "Set FITS type" can be used to set files'
Creator/File Types so that they get opened by fv when double-clicked.
Merely drag-n-drop the files to this script.

To have your computer automatically recognize certain filename
extensions as fv FITS files when moving files to your computer from
PCs or downloading them from the internet, go to the "File Exchange"
control panel.  The "PC Exchange" pane will have a list of all the
filename extensions it understands.  Check if the extension ".fits" is
already listed.  If so, "Edit" it, otherwise hit the "Add" button and
enter ".fits" in the appropriate box.  From there select fv as the
file's creator and "FITS" as its file type.  Also, in the advanced
panel, be sure that the file is flagged as being binary.  Without
this, the file could be treated as a text file when downloading and
become corrupted.  Repeat this for additional extensions you encounter
for FITS files (eg, .mkf, .unf, .fit, .evt)

To gain access to the Tcl console, hit Command-Option-0 (Zero).  One
of fv's windows must be open when doing this.

Bug reports should be sent via the FTOOLS help desk

Visit the fv web site at

for a detailed description of fv's capabilities and to learn of updates
and bug fixes.

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