aspcorr infile=<path> ra=<ref_ra> dec=<ref_dec>


This tool updates the WCS reference value keywords in sky images.

aspcorr can be used to correct the aspect of sky images. The tool modifies the WCS CRVAL1 and CRVAL2 keywords.

The user can specify a quaternion to use for the correction in which case the current reference values are rotated, or absolute values. Note that the correction is only applied to the reference location; the image itself is not rotated.


infile [file]
Input file. The input file is modified in place.

outhdu [string]
HDU(s) to modify. The special value ALL indicates to update every HDU. Each HDU can be specified by (zero based) number or name. Multiple entries are comma delimited. Ranges of HDUs are given by <hdu1>-<hdu2>.

method [string = QUAT|STARID|RADEC]
Correction method. QUAT applies a quaternion to the WCS information. STARID invokes tristarid to determine a correction quaternion. RADEC changes the WCS CRVALn.

inhdu [string]
HDU on which to perform STARID.

quat [string]
Quaternion to apply when method is QUAT.

ra [real]
Right ascension to set when method is RADEC [deg].

dec [real]
Declination to set when method is RADEC [deg].

starid [string]
Parameters to pass to tristarid.

record [string]
Keyword values to write.

catspec [filename]
Star catalog specification.

(srcfile ) [filename]
Unmatched source list.

(idfile ) [filename]
Star identification file.

(rotate = no) [boolean]
Normally only CRVALn are updated. If rotate is true, then CROTA2 will also be updated.

(checksum = yes) [boolean]
Update checksums?

(history = yes) [boolean]
Write parameter history to input file?

(cleanup = yes) [boolean]
Remove temporary files?

(chatter = 3) [enumerated integer]
Standard HEAdas chatter parameter.


The following example illustrates running aspcorr specifying RA and DEC for multiple HDUs:

      aspcorr infile=sky.img hdu=1,5,13 method=RADEC ra=35.32 dec=-13.85

The following example illustrates running aspcorr specifying a quaternion to apply to a range of HDUs:

      aspcorr infile=sky.img hdu=3-8 method=QUAT
			quat="-1.919186716492271E-5 1.3061471238226655E-4 \
				-2.3031378192488777E-4 0.999999964763515"




November 2005