attdump - report the R.A., Dec, and Roll for an attitude file.


attdump infile=<filename> outfile=<filename>


This tool converts an attitude file to an ASCII format list with four columns for Time, R.A. Dec. and Roll Angle in that order. An optional alignment file may be specified to indicate the roll angle convention and to specify a misaliugnment with respect to the spacecraft axes.


infile [filename]
The name of the attitude file to dump.

outfile [filename]
The name of the file to contain the R.A. Dec. and Roll Angle , or STDOUT.

(format = %.14g %.5f %.5f %.5f)[string]
A C-style printf format string to be used when printing the output file. This can be used to do things like change the number of decimal places in the output. A "\n" newline character is appended to the end of this format before it is used by the code.

(alignfile = none) [filename]
The name of an alignment calibration file. The alignment file specifies a rotation and a roll angle convention using the ALIGNM, ROLLSIGN and ROLLOFF keywords from the teldef file. The rotation will be applied to the attitude before it is reported and the roll angle will be expressed using the given convention. For example if a teldef file is used for alignfile, the R.A. and Dec. values will correspond to the instrument pointing, not the spacecraft Z axis pointing.

If the file name is set to "none" (case insensitive), then the default alignment will be used. The default alignment has no rotation and uses the default roll angle convention.



September 2003