getxform - Extract a transform between coordinate systems in a teldef file


getxform teldef=<string> from=<string> to=<string> image=<boolean> mjdref=<real> outfile=<string> dec=<real> time=<real> ra=<real> segment=<integer> attfile=<string>


This tool extracts a FITS transform file specifying the transform between two coordinates systems in a teldef calibration file. The extracted transform may then be used by the imagetrans or applyxform tools.


attfile [string]

Name of attitude file for sky coords

dec [real]

Declination of nominal pointing

from [string]

The name of the initial coordinate system. These have three letter names in all caps such as "RAW", "DET", or "SKY".

image [boolean]

If this is true the transform will be given in terms of pixel coordinates - i.e. the first pixel will have coordinates (1,1). Otherwise the transform will assume the first pixel has the coordinates specified in the teldef file. If the transform will be used unmodified in the imagetrans tool, then you should set this to true. You may want to set this to false if you will use the transform in applytransform or if you would like to modify the transform to account for windowing in terms of the teldef coordinates.

mjdref [real]

The Modified Julian Day when the mission time is 0.0. This is used when calculating aberration.

outfile [string]

The FITS file which will contain the transform specification. This file is typically used as in put to another tool which applies the transform.

ra [real]

R.A. of nominal pointing

segment [integer]

Segment number for raw coordinates or keyword giving the same

teldef [string]

The teldef calibration file specifying the coordinate systems.

time [real]

Mission time at which to read attitude file

to [string]

The name of the transformed cooridnate system.

(aberration = yes) [boolean]

If true, the effects of the motion of the Earth around the Sun will be added to a transform involving sky coordinates.

(chatter = 1) [integer]

Output verbosity

(history = yes) [boolean]

Write HISTORY keywords to output?




April 2004