hxdgsoxblc - Produces GSO background light-curve, a dead time corrected source light curve and background subtracted light curve.


hxdgsoxblc @evts.list @pse.list @bkgs.list <outstem>


hxdgsoxblc performs the following steps to produce output light curves:

  1. AND GTI from NXB file(s) with GTI in gso??_cl.evt file(s) (or input light curve file) and any extra input GTI file(s) after ORing them together.
  2. Extracts pseudo event light curve from all input pse_cl.evt file(s) (or wel_uf.evt file(s)) using GTI from 1.
  3. Extracts source light curve using same GTI as step 1, if GSO cleaned event is input.
  4. Extract background light curve using GTI from step 1.
  5. Apply dead time correction to source light curve and background light curve (pseudo RATE / 4.0) if not already applied.
  6. Optionally subtract background light curve from source light curve.

It is recommended that synchronized output light curves be produced (synch="yes"). If synchronized light curves are requested, the earliest time bin in the output light curves will correspond to the latest "first event" of the input event files (or input source light curve).


The number of output files depends on the input parameters and types of input files. If cleaned event files are used for the input_fname parameter, and bkgsub="yes", then the output files will be as follows:
Source light curve, corrected for dead time.

Pseudo events light curve

NXB light curve, corrected for dead time

Net light curve (source - background).

The Net light curve will not be produced if bkgsub="no". If the input_fname parameter is a single light curve, then the Source light curve will be a dead time corrected copy of the input light curve.


input_fname [string]
Cleaned GSO event file(s) or GSO source light curve. If a light curve is entered, it MUST contain a valid GTI extension, and use the same time system as the files in pse_event_fname and bkg_event_fname. The GTI from this file is ANDed with the GTI from the GSO NXB background file, and optionally the GTI file(s) input in the gti_fname parameter (not supported for input light curve). The resulting GTI is used to extract a light curve from the cleaned GSO event file (if event files are input), the pseudo event file (see pse_event_fname parameter) and the GSO NXB file (see bkg_event_fname parameter).

A single light curve for multiple event files can be extracted. Specify @flist, where flist is a file containing cleaned GSO event files (one per line) to use this feature. Extended filename syntax is supported for individual files.

If a light curve is entered, only a single file is allowed, and no extra GTI filtering (see gti_fname param) is allowed. However, mutliple pseudo event files and background files can be entered if necessary.

Additionally, if a light curve is entered, the dead time correction will be applied if the DEADAPP keyword is 'F', or non-existent.

pse_event_fname [string]
Pseudo event file name or WEL unfiltered file name if pseudo event file is unavailable. This file is used to correct the dead time of the light curve extracted from the cl_event_fname event file(s).

If multiple event files are input for the cl_event_fname parameter, then the files input for this parameter must correspond 1-1 to the cl_event_fname files. The same syntax is used as for the cl_event_fname parameter.

bkg_event_fname [string]
HXD GSO NXB file. These can be downloaded from:

Alternatively, if the full ftp or http path to the file(s) is known, it can be entered directly. There should be 1-1 correspondence between these files and the cl_event_fname files. The same syntax is used as for the cl_event_fname parameter.

outstem [string]
Output filenames will start with this string.

(gti_fname) [string]
Additional GTI file(s) to AND with both the GSO NXB GTI(s) and cleaned event GTI(s). If more than one file is specified, they will be ORed together before the AND operation. The same syntax is used as for the cl_event_fname parameter. There does not have to be 1-1 correspondence between the gti_fname files and the cl_event_fname event file(s). The files must be FITS GTI files.

(bkgsub) [bool]
If set to yes, an additional output light curve containing the background subtracted source light curve will be produced (using lcmath).

(nxb_scale) [real]
The extracted NXB light curves (RATE and ERROR) will be divided by this parameter.

NOTE: It is unlikely that you will need to change this parameter.

(binlc) [real]
Bin duration of output light curves. The default value is 128.0 seconds. If set to 0.0, the output light curves will be binned using the maximum TIMEDEL keyword found in the input data (NOT RECOMMENDED).

(lcthresh) [real]
Light curve bins with fractional exposure less than lcthresh will not be included in the output light curves.

(synch) [bool]
Force light curves to be synchronous? It is recommended that this be set to 'yes'.

(cleanup) [bool]
Remove temporary files?

(chatter) [0,5]
Terminal chat level. 0 => no chatter; 5 => debugging

(clobber) [bool]
Overwrite existing output files?

(history) [bool]
Add history keywords?



September 2009