NICER Specific Tasks

nicercal - Apply standard calibration to NICER observation
nicerclean - Apply standard NICER screening
nicerl2 - Apply NICER Level2 standard calibration and filtering
nicermergeclean - Merge NICER MPU data and apply standard screening
nicerpi - apply gain calibration to NICER event file (calculate Energy/PI)
nicertimecal - apply clock calibration to NICER event file
nicertimeconv - Basic time conversion for NICER time values
nicerversion - Report NICER software version
niextract - events - Fast event filtering, similar to extractor
nimaketime - Create standard NICER screening GTI
nimpucal - Apply standard NICER calibration to MPU data
nimpumerge - Merge NICER event data from multiple MPUs (or observations)
niprefilter2 - create augmented NICER-specific filter file
niprefilter - create NICER-specific filter file