swtimecorr - Correct Swift timestamps (with option to convert to UTC)




This tool corrects timestamps in Swift FITS files for the known clock offset based on either the offset measured by the MOC (as parameterized in a CALDB file) or on the UTCFINIT keyword value in the file header. The file timesystem may also be converted to UTC (from TT) if desired. Leap seconds are handled properly (as read from tai-utc.dat in either TIMING_DIR or LHEA_DATA) even in cases where the FITS file spans a leap second.


infile [filename]
The name of the file to be operated upon. It must be a previously uncorrected Swift FITS file with TIMESYS = 'TT'

outfile [filename]
The name for the output FITS file.

(outtime = TT) [enumerated string (t|TT|u|UT|UTC)]
The timesystem for the output file (TT or UTC). The default is to leave the timesystem as 'TT'

(clockfile = CALDB) [filename]
Specifies the location of the Swift clock correction file. If "CALDB" then the file will be located in the user's CALDB installation, otherwise a file with the specified name will be searched for in the TIMING_DIR directory (if present) or else in the LHEA_DATA (refdata) directory.

(clobber = no) [boolean]
Clobber existing output file?

(history = yes) [boolean]
Write HISTORY block in output FITS file capturing runtime parameter values?

(chatter = 3) [enumerated integer (0-5)]
Controls tool verbosity. A value of 0 supresses all screen output; 5 is verbose.




January 2006