uvotoptsum - optimally coadd images


uvotoptsum imagefile=<filename> maghistfile=<filename> sumfile=<filename> weightfile=<filename>


This tool optimally coadds images.


imagefile [filename]
Name of file containing images to be optimally coadded. This file will normally match sw*u.._sk.img.

maghistfile [filename]
Name of photometry FITS file created by uvotmaghist.

sumfile [filename]
Name of output sum file. The special value NONE avoids creating this file.

weightfile [filename]
Name of output weight file. The special value NONE avoids keeping this file.

(alpha = -0.9) [real]
Temporal decay index. The value -1 is not allowed.

(exclude = DEFAULT) [string]
The exclude parameter is passed to uvotimsum. The exclude parameter determines which HDUs are included in the sum.

(ignoreframetime = yes) [boolean]
The ignoreframetime parameter is passed to uvotimsum. The ignoreframetime parameter allows ignoring variation in frame time.

(flexframetime = 0.02) [real]
The flexframetime parameter is passed to uvotimsum. The flexframetime parameter determines how much variation in frame time is allowed.

(timezero = TRIGTIME) [string]
The time relative to which the exponential decay is calculated. The value can be a real number corresponding to mission elapsed time [s], or it can be a keyword which will be taken from the primary HDU.

(history = yes) [boolean]
Write history keywords?

(cleanup = yes) [boolean]
Remove temporary files?

(chatter = 1) [integer: 1-5]
Standard HEAdas chatter parameter.


The following example illustrates running uvotoptsum

      uvotoptsum imagefile=swuff_sk.img maghistfile=maghist.fits \
			sumfile=swuff_optsum.img weightfile=swuff_optsum.dat



Mar 2011