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This package is still being tested. Some embarrassing bugs have already been found, but more may still lurk. Please contact me with any reports or questions.

2) It is not blindingly fast. On a 1GHz machine, the first time 'mo warmabs ..' is typed, the initial setup requires $\sim$30 seconds. After that, each time an abundance or ionization parameter is changed, it requires 5-10 seconds to recalculate the model. Presumably on a faster machine this will be reduced.

3) It calculates the spectrum 'on the fly', appropriate to the energy grid and parameters the user specifies. But it does not calculate the ionization balance self-consistently. It uses a saved file of level populations calculated for a grid of optically thin models calculated with a $\Gamma=2$ power law ionizing spectrum. So this will not be self-consistent if your source has a very different ionizing spectrum. Also it implicitly assumes that the absorber has uniform ionization even if you specify a large column, which is not self-consistent.

4) Photemis does not take into account scattering, only true emission.

Tim Kallman 2018-12-14