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Version v2.2.1bn17 (Dec. 2013)

Make calculation of photoionization related quantities modal, using lfpi: 1: total pi only; 2: pi + rec rates only; 3: opacities and emissivities

Also make h-c calculation use total rates add special funcsyn, func3p and heatf for calculations of spectral quantities.

Add profile calculation (linopac) inside of ucalc when lfpi=3; take out profile calculation from stpcut. This facitilitates calculation of contionuum photoexcitation (which is not yet included)

Change i/o of step quantities; now includes populations, total emissivities and opacities, line emissivities,... also change savd, unsavd also change name of step quantities: xoN...M.fits where N=1,2,3,4 for various quantities and M=pass number.

Add column, electron fraction, density as keywords in step files.

Add comments in pprint, unify code to use the same statements when stepping thru each physical quantity: levels, lines, all data, etc.

Move search for auger width to new rotuine deleafnd

Tim Kallman 2018-12-14