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Version v2.41 (May 2017)

Fix to type 70 calculation (recombination to pseudo-levels) for He-like ions which partially smooths the density-dependent behavior near density of 10$^{10}$ cm$^{-3}$, by using quadratic interpolation rather than linear.

Fix which passes real*4 variable to fitsio routine in fstepr4.

Increase size of temporary array in routine reading atomic database.

Update to treatment of dielectronic satellite emission in calt72

Remove arrays called vsav, rates, and idrates which contained temporary saved rates in order to save memory space.

Increase value of crit and crit2 in msolvelucy from 1.e-10 to 1.e-4.

Add data type 96, safranova satellite emission for Fe XXIV

ALso changes to atomic database: update to Fe XXIV DR satellite emission using rates from Bautista et al. 2003; fix to the Fe XXV forbidden line (2 photon) decay; addition of direct excitation of Fe XXIV satellites using rates from atomdb; also direct excitation of Fe XXV lines using rates from atomdb.

Tim Kallman 2018-12-14