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Unpack and Install (Source)

Source code builds are supported on all platforms, although profit requires a recent C++ compiler. We have tested the following compilers:

To install, first untar the distribution in a convenient directory (note that XXX is the version number for this release of profit), and compile it as follows:

unix% tar zxf profit-<i>version</i>-src.tar.gz</td></tr>
unix% cd profit/profit/XXX</td></tr>
unix% ./configure
unix% make all >& make-log
unix% make install >& install-log

There is one known issue when building from source on Mac/OSX. The make all $>$& make-log step will most likely fail with errors about not being able to find libfreetype.dylib. If this occurs:

unix% cd /path/to/my/profit/extern/root/4.04.02f
unix% mkdir powerpc-apple-darwin7.9.0
unix% mkdir powerpc-apple-darwin7.9.0/lib
unix% cp -p root/freetype/src/freetype-2.1.9/objs/.libs/libfreetype.dylib powerpc-apple-darwin7.9.0/lib/

Then go back to the source instructions starting from the ./configure command.

When building from source on Solaris there are numerous issues. We are working to resolve, or at least minimize and document these.

Randall Smith 2005-12-19