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Version 2.1k (May 2004)

$\bullet$ Added printouts of level opacitites, and level populations to final printout if the print switch is set to 2.

$\bullet$ Added a column to the printout of the file xout_detail.fits for the upp level index of each line.

$\bullet$ Repaired and streamlined the printing of the file xout_detail.fits.

$\bullet$ Added more informative statement when the code stops because the rate matrix overflows (ipmat too large).

$\bullet$ Added rate type 42: Auger decay

$\bullet$ Fixed arithmetic error which affected recombination rate calculation when kT $\>\>$ E$_{th}$

$\bullet$ Added new data type (85) for photoionization resonances below threshold, along with new subroutine to calculate cross subsection (PEXS.f).

$\bullet$ Streamlined the photoionization rate calculation (phint53)

$\bullet$ More accurate treatment of line damping, Voigt profiles.

Tim Kallman 2018-12-14