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Version v2.2.1bn16 (Sept. 2013)

changed expression for Boltzmann factor in calt57

changed starting guess for electron fraction in dsec. Works better for low ionization cases.

changed from use of electron fraction error to electron fraction error relative to electron fraction as quantity to be solved for in dsec. Works better for low ionization cases.

Increased precision of expo function

Add lte level populations to ucalc call. Calculate lte level populations before calls in func1, func2

Allow for 200 iterations in msolvelucy instead of 100

Ccalculate and print lbol in ispcg2

Set pescv=0.5 to make rrcs optically thin always

Changes to rates in phint53 to make rates obey lte in the limit

Print photon occupation number in continuum printout in pprint.

Fixed buffer size in readtbl which caused overflow and serious error during read of atomic data

Tim Kallman 2019-08-07