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XSTAR Run Log: xout_step.log

Print input parameters, and a log of the temperature and other useful quantities (radius, $\Delta R/R$ the fractional distance from the illuminated cloud face, column density, ionization parameter, electron fraction, proton number density, temperature, fractional heating-cooling rates, continuum optical depth at the Lyman continuum in the transmitted and reflected directions, and the number of iterations required to reach thermal equilibrium. This is the same as the information printed to the screen. In addition, at the end of a model calculation the luminosities of the 1000 strongest lines are printed, sorted by luminosity, along with the energy budget: total energy absorbed, emitted in the continuum, emitted in lines, and the fractional difference between the first quantity and the sum of the latter two. Models with energy budget errors greater than a few percent should likely be rerun with smaller value of emult.

Tim Kallman 2019-08-07